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beautiful all year round

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" A walk along the winter stream offers both flashbacks and new experiences. Leif Milling takes us along Gimån in Jämtland, where he has been fishing all his life.


To yearn is a way to gain time as a friend. Today the river hums in a minor key, it is at rest but I still hear how she whispers: "Do you remember when Rolf Smedman went with his sketchpad down at Dahlberg croft? It was the day when the sun almost could not be bothered to get up but me and Rolf still came to pay a visit. I always took something that warmed my mind, something that was far away, yet so close. You know that spring floods come. You know that dragonflies again will dance to the delight of both you and the grayling. Everything is connected. We are all part of a common context, a context some call life. Rolf preserved the moment with his pen... "

This is just a short quote from a poetic article recently printed in "allt om flugfiske". We look forward to Mr Milling's future publications!
You can buy Leif Milling's books at our boutique.

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